Keeping It Simple


It is important that we have the best Auckland wedding photographer for our big day because he would take care of the memories that we would look back all over the years. Yet, choosing the best photographer is not what our wedding is all about. We also have to make sure that the big event of our lives would go as planned and would go smoothly.


People are able to enjoy their big events because they just do not plan but they make sure that they can afford the event. Of course, nobody is perfect so it is important that we make sure we would not go overboard than our budget. Most of the time, we can be thankful if we are able to choose a simple one than a lavish one and end up in debt for years. Yet, keeping it simple would mean that we have to cut everything down even with the number of the people we would invite to the event.


It is important because we would not want to get married because we want to impress people but we want it to celebrate our love and we want people who are really close to us to be there. We do not want to end up seeing people whom we haven't seen in years.